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Brain Jazz – how to create music with the power of your mind

The wired performer controls the musical stream, based on series of pitches, rhythms and timbers, by means of brain-wave biofeedback system, which measures performer’s electroencephalogram, tracks movement of eyes and mimic of the face, analyzing and interpreting incoming data into development of the flexible musical structure.

Have you ever thought about brain as an art project?

Any brilliant head in the world

If you had an opportunity to use any brilliant head in the world, what would you do?)

Thinking outside of the box – what does it mean?

How BCI technology transforms art

Today, art and technology are often intertwined together. In this fusion, the process of creation can be more important than the final product. The resulting “work of art”  consists of hardware and software created in order to make an emergent happening, and the eyes and minds of the viewers. A new generation of artists, who could be called „technoartists,“ has emerged from this environment.

Technoartists from Stanford have produced a large-scale brain-controlled drawing machine, using EEG technology from NeuroSky. A pen moves based on the user‘s attention and meditation levels, and the resulting patterns are very geometrical, appearing to have a human touch.

Yulia Pinkusevich — one of the artists who worked on this project – writes about this work: «We find ourselves looking into a mirror of our mind’s eye. In this work, the artist brings the observer into the work, not as creator or subject, but as the medium itself. This collision of sensory influences reminds us of the illusion of the conscious agency that we assume in our day‐to‐day living, when indeed our minds have abstract processes beyond our control or understanding. In contrast, the uniqueness of the human experience comes from our ability to focus our thoughts through concentration and meditation.»

Post photo from artsgrant-grantees.blogspot.com
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