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Mind-controlled zombie spoon-bending game 28 Spoons Later out for iOS

By Matt Sakuraoka-Gilman, 5/1/2012

Back in 2007, a bunch of US crazy starts up appeared, who were attempting to make mind-controlled games a reality.

The idea was to sell you a headset that would measure your brain waves, using them to control in-game action.

By 2008, they seem to have disappeared… or did they?
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MindGames creates 28 Spoons Later, world’s first mind-controlled zombie game

MindGames, iOS games developer, has released 28 Spoons Later, a new zombie game controlled by the player’s mind. 28 Spoons Later is an attention training game, which helps users learn vital skills while having fun.

The game is controlled by the player’s brainwaves via the PLX XWave headset, which is powered by NeuroSky‘s technology. In the game, the player is captured by a gentleman zombie, who wants a nice dish of brains for dinner. Luckily for the player, the zombie has perfect manners and won’t eat brains without a spoon. The player must try to stay alive as long as possible by bending the zombie’s spoons with his focus level.

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How brains perceive the world

A brief overview of brain computer interface technology.