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NeuroFocus uses BCI to measure engagement of Facebook ads

Advertisements on Facebook get much higher levels of engagement than the average website’s ads do.

NeuroFocus measured focus on key conscious and subconscious elements of how consumers respond explicitly and implicitly to sensory experiences (like watching an ad or reading a webpage) along three core dimensions: Attention, Emotion, and Memory. These metrics capture direct subconscious brain activity while the experience is underway, rather than relying on respondents’ own after-the-fact estimates of how attentive they were, how emotionally engaged they were, or how likely they would be to remember the experience. 

NeuroFocus, a Nielsen subsidiary, found also that people also pay more attention to and have a higher than average memory retention of ads on seen on Facebook. Apparently, Facebook ads have some gender differences in their effects; men see them as resonating with themselves more than with women do.

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Photo Vodafone.