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Tug of Mind – Mental toughness training on your iPhone

Iceland-based MindGames’ “Tug of Mind” uses a Bluetooth Mindwave variant called X-Wave, to take mental control to the iPhone. Tug of Mind has you testing your control of relaxation and attention against a virtual opponent. Your ability to control your mind changes the expression on the opponent’s face – which you can upload yourself. MindGames developer Deepa Iyengar explained that children at demos “wait a half hour to get a chance to try the games [and then show] intense concentration and relaxation in the midst of a noisy event”. Iyengar, like many of the early developers of consumer brain computer interaction, is especially excited about the potential of the apps for reversing attention-deficit trends: “What might it be like to have a generation of kids grow up having this kind of practice at concentrating?” she asked.

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