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Inside football fans’ minds — BCI changes sport world

Fans’ brainwaves will be measured during EuroCup 2012 matches with the help of biometric technology. Volunteers will watch the game while wearing NeuroSky’s headsets. By looking at brainwaves, along with heart rate and vocal excitement, scientists hope to reveal what levels of attention, stress, relaxation and excitement a fan goes through while supporting his/her team.

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Behind-the-scenes of W.I.L.D.

Making of scene # 1 in W.I.L.D., look how it happened


Have you ever thought about brain as an art project?

Any brilliant head in the world

If you had an opportunity to use any brilliant head in the world, what would you do?)

Smart homes for all – how does BCI help us interact with our home?

Smart home technology is really important for paralysed people. It is very important that smart homes enter the mass market so that the costs of domestic devices decrease, making these systems cheaper for patients. Being able to interact with your home and coordinate its devices using your brainwaves has long been imagined in the realms of science.

But an international group of scientists is already working on a project called SM4all. This project is an embedded middleware platform for pervasive and immersive environments, developing smart homes for all, but with a special focus on the elderly, disabled and chronically ill.

The project looks to impact the lives of those with limited or no physical movement through the use of brain computer interface (BCI) technology. For people who are totally or partially paralysed, this technology and its applications could represent a great step forward in performing simple actions autonomously.  Continue reading