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Robot arm makes for the most awesome flight simulator ever

An immersive flight simulator that’s mounted on the end of a giant robot arm. It has 6 degrees of freedom, and it can simulate continuous rotation and g-forces.

Re-learn how to walk

Robot legs help stroke survivors to walk again

Scientists find a brainwave for alcoholism

Geneticists working at Texas Biomedical Research Institute have identified an ‘echo’ of a gene in the brain that disposes people to alcoholism.

Geneticists Laura Almasy and Mark Zlojutro and a nationwide collaborative team studied the brain waves of hundreds of subjects asked to perform certain tasks, and noted patterns that were common to those at risk of dependence on alcohol.

“An important point,” said Almasy, “is that they’ve also been shown to be different in the children of alcoholics. These differences in brain activity are not a consequence of someone’s drinking. They’re there beforehand.”  Continue reading

Neuroscience meets magic

Science meets magic: what contrubution can a pickpocket make to neuroscience?

Deepa Iyengar’s TEDx Talk on the Relationship Between Technology and Humanity

At this week’s TEDx in Reykjavik, Deepa Iyengar, CEO of MindGames, gave a talk entitled “Cylons or Jedis: the new relationship between technology and humanity”.

At TEDx Deepa raised many important questions regarding the future of technology, an evolution which will eventually create the fully personalized human serving machines, enabling us to take our laziness to a new level. Read more on Neurogadget.com.