28 Spoons Later

He is a gentleman. He knows the art of gracious living. He is almost perfect. He has only one drawback – he is a zombie! Of course, he wants to eat your brain. But he will do it only with a spoon, so bend as many spoons as you can and save your brains!

Welcome to 28 Spoons Later where you can have fun bending spoons with your mind. It’s a Mind Training game with an endless number of levels. Your goal is to survive, but you won’t. How long will you hold on?

You’ll like this exciting game that helps you develop your ability to focus. The more you practice, the better your ability to focus your attention in real-life situations.

Plug in your NeuroSky MindWave Mobile or PLX XWave brainwave headset to play the game. And remember, your spoons are numbered!