Give your visitors an unforgettable experience

Travel operators, spas, the hospitality industry – it is vital for all of these sites to offer the visitor an unforgettable experience – a special memory – a story to share with their family and friends on returning home. In the age of the social internet, word of an amazing new experience can spread around the world in hours.

One of the newest experiences today‘s world can offer, is the opportunity to make something happen directly with the power of your mind. We at MindGames can design and build for you an interactive software or real-world attraction which your visitors control by relaxing and concentrating.

Improve your employees’ productivity

Juice up your corporate culture by helping your employees to live and work more productively. We can make mind-controlled software to help your employees notice when they are not being productive, and then do something to improve their level of focus. Higher productivity for your business, higher job satisfaction for your employees!

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