About us

In brief

We are MindGames ehf/MindGames, Ltd., developers of iPhone/iPad games which you control by relaxing and concentrating, via consumer brainwave headsets.

How can you control a game with your mind?

MindGames has been creating mind-controlled software since 2009. Users control our software using easy-to-wear brainwave headsets created by companies such as NeuroSky and Emotiv.

How do these headsets work? The basic technology, called encephalography or EEG, has been in use in hospitals since the early 20th century. Your brain cells communicate using electrical signals. At the surface of your skull, these signals add up to “brainwaves” which can be recorded.  Traditionally, using EEG required complex and expensive equipment, shaving your head, and holding still. Now, it is becoming possible to wear a fairly simple headset as you sit at your desk. And you can keep your hairstyle!

Our History

MindGames designs and creates brainwave-controlled games, apps, and software for personal usage and business applications. Our purpose is to give people technology which they can use to train themselves in important mental skills for life while having fun.

In December 2010, MindGames became the first company in the world to sell an iPhone application controlled by the user‘s brainwaves. In Tug of Mind, the player could upload a photo of someone from his real life and turn it into an angry, lifelike 3D opponent. To win the game, the player had to keep his cool.

In March 2011 MindGames released W.I.L.D., a mind-controlled game for iPhone and iPad. In this game, players navigate a waking dream with their powers of relaxation and attention. While enjoying W.I.L.D.’s 20 challenges, players are improving their ability to concentrate and relax when they need to!

In January 2012 MindGames released 28 Spoons Later — an attention training game. In the game, the player is captured by a gentleman zombie, who wants a nice dish of brains for dinner. Luckily for the player, the zombie has perfect manners and won’t eat brains without a spoon. The player must try to stay alive as long as possible by bending the zombie’s spoons with his focus level.