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Too angry to update Facebook

You are too angry to update Facebook, please try again later. An early prototype Samsung Galaxy S II shows that your smartphone might soon block you from posting tweets and status updates, depending on your emotional state. Alternatively, instead of blocking you, a little emotional state emoticon could appear next to your tweet so that your followers can better understand your drunk/sad/angry/sleepy tweet. 

The technology behind the emotion-sensing smartphone is simple: it infers your state of mind from how you use your phone. By analyzing how fast you type, how much the phone shakes, how often you backspace mistakes, and how many special symbols are used, the mobile phone can work out whether you’re angry, surprised, happy, sad, fearful, or disgusted, with an accuracy of 67.5%.

The first demonstration of the technology will be a Twitter client where each tweet is labeled with a symbol denoting the tweeter’s emotional state, but obviously the same tech could be used with email, SMS, Facebook, or any other messaging client. It wouldn’t be hard to pop up a dialog saying “You have written this message while shaking with apoplectic rage. Do you want to save this is as draft and revise it later?”

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