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Mind-controlled clouds

At 11.11 on 11.11.11, in St Petersburg, Russia, there is an event called Clearing clouds game event. People will get together to clear clouds in the sky of St. Petersburg with their collective consciousness.

“The process of the game is a kind of meditation, there are no rules, but emotional enthusiasm, sense of joy and harmony, the unity of everything surrounding are guaranteed. These emotions stay forever in the soul of each person, who once experienced the state “I have done it!”, “I have succeeded!”, “Yes, it is possible!” Just these feelings are the main point of the game”, — the event organizers claim:)

Behind-the-scenes of W.I.L.D.

Making of scenes # 3&4 in W.I.L.D., in these levels you train your relaxation and concentration skills by feeding the alien baby and controlling the jumping puzzle man. Don’t forget to put your PLX Xwave headset on!)

Brainwaves measured on your arm

The BodyWave, a new iPod-size device that straps onto your arm, allows the mind to control objects on a computer screen.

Mind-machine-music connection

With the help of  EEG brainwave scanning technology a new-media performance group called MiND (Music in Neural Dimensions) explores the mind-machine-music connection. Imagination becomes tangible. Now there is an artist, a thought process, and a dynamic medium that actively interfaces with the very thought processes of the artist himself, a form of expression that drastically reshapes the way we conceive of the creative process.

Controlling an avatar with your brain

Dr. Doron Friedman, head of the Advanced Virtuality Lab (AVL) at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, Israel, has been studying and experimenting with human-computer interfaces and their impact on individuals and society for the last three years.

 The AVL’s main activity is to build virtual worlds and the interfaces that could be used in the future to investigate human behavior and the human mind in a virtual reality setting. Continue reading