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W.I.L.D. game brings brain-manipulated dreams to your iPhone

Thanks to Neurogadget, the premier blog dedicated only to brain-computer interfaces (BCI) and thought-controlled applications, we got a very complimentary review on our W.I.L.D. game.

W.I.L.D. is an entirely brain-controlled game, MindGames’ second title in this genre. The developer studio’s previous title, Tug of Mind was the first game ever released with BCI compatibility for iPhone.

To fully understand W.I.L.D., the player must take in the concept behind the game, or at least its title: Wake-initiated Lucid Dreams (W.I.L.D.) happen when people carry self-awareness seamlessly into their dreams, and though almost asleep, still able to control what happens. W.I.L.D. is all about dreams, those everyday fading pictures and beyond reason scenes that outcrop from the unconscious.

When speaking about W.I.L.D., we must not forget to mention that MindGames has put a good amount of their artistic talent into the game. The game’s minimalist interface (though the latest version includes tips on how to play the game), the unusual menu structure, the surreal (but excellent) animations could easily freak out an unprepared gamer. However for those open-minded ones, who are ready to take in this unique combination of art, game and a bit of science, W.I.L.D. offers a truly unmatched experience of brain-computer interaction.

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